Receive best direct trading signal in the markets. No matter where you are in the world.

Facilitating Access.

The speed gap in existing technologies creates limitations for many market participants. We engineered Arbitrage Technologies in Domain Specific Model (DSM) and Domain Specific Language (DSL), to solve this particular business issue. We deliver best possible access for trading and AI connectivities and bring our customers to the ultimate position IN the exchange.

High Value Exchange

Arbitrage Technologies brings trading consumer participants as close as possible to producers of securities found in Financial Exchanges. Bringing back margin in the market.


Our Information technology enables communication to optimize the process between the trading decision and the trading signal. Transparency allows Risk Management to control and authorize full compliance.

Internal Interaction

We design our system to let traders, risk managers and compliance officers to communicate efficiently in real time.

Ultra low latency

Eliminating barriers in order to maximize value creation. Capability to compete with the fastest. Our technologies provides the tools to avoid being frontrunned by High Frequency Traders taking margin out of the market.

Smart Network

Putting network in the spotlights. We embrace adoption of modern systems to leverage our technologies, rules and architecture to be in compliance.

Good for society

We believe technologies should contribute to better financial markets. Bring transparency, independence, good governance and systems functioning at its best.

Building Customer Driven Solutions.

Act. React. Trade. Directly.

Arbitrage Technologies

Arbitrage Screen
Arbitrage Screens gives you a clear organized overview dedicated to Arbitrage strategies.

Fast Price Feed
You are able to decode the price as fast as possible to feed your strategy or algotrading. Capability to handle large volumes of price information.

Fast Order Feed
Packaging and sending the order with ultra low latency to compete with the fastest market parties. With the same importance and speed you will receive the information of the execution to update your strategy and risk management system.

Fast Trade Feed
Duplicate every trade to update in realtime the supervision system and reporting functionalities.

The best price is the one you can Arbitrage

To facilitate the execution of strategies including Buy and Hold, access to data and latency are key elements. Arbitrage Technologies’ engineered Trading Feeds and APIs are based on our in-house designed patented technologies.
Our technologies are created to avoid any technical delays and fit adequately all institutional and professional traders’ core decision making algorithms and in all software languages used in trading, AI and Machine Learning.

To interact with the market, market participants need high performance capability for both market data and order entry. In addition they need to receive all trade detail and confirmation necessary for solid risk management in equal real time. Our technologies supports all these elements at best, creating 150% more trading opportunities.

Our new and innovative technologies are already certified by and for CME Group and its related exchanges.

Domain Specific Model - DSM

Our model allows abstraction of complex objects and entities used by Financial Exchanges. Complex situations are clarified and communication is streamlined and transparent. Working with this framework allows us to build a robust and unique solutions dedicated to adapt to current and future Exchange technologies.

Domain Specific language - DSL

Arbitrage Technologies designs custom made language to bridge our specific model and the technologies used by Financial Exchanges such as API, protocol, hardware requirement. This enables us to generate the dedicated code fitting efficiently the actual objects and the need of the user. Think set of rules.

Smart Network

Arbitrage Technologies simplifies the usage of internet and builds private networks around it to obtain maximum stability interconnecting financial exchanges. The network allows access to the core of central engines and dedicated fast lines route market information as fast and effective as possible:

have ultrahigh speed when it counts
maximum flexibility to monitor
secure environment

Arbitrage Technologies embraces Software Defined Networking (SDN) and its approach to replace traditional network design as these networks do not support the dynamic scalable computing and storage needs of more modern computer environments such as datacenter.

We think networks are in the current available technologies undervalued and much progress can be made. The network is one of the major elements in connecting Financial Exchanges to allow people using this marketplace to trade with producers of securities. Arbitrage Technologies facilitates the transactions between the parties and make the markets work efficiently.

Streamline electronic trading lifecycles

We bring underserved customer groups as close and as fast as possible to producers of securities found in Financial Exchanges to compete with the fastest market parties. As in any other market more market participants will create more efficient and fairer markets. Our groundbreaking technologies are captured in easy to use software toolkits as not yet seen in the market place before.

We are committed to create value on three different levels:

Financial Markets
Market Participants
End Investors

Creating better end-user markets.