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AI, Machine Learning and Data are the future of financial decision making. Although humans will always be in control, computers are meant to bring faster execution, simplify transactions, provide clarity in analysis, learn from patterns and provide overall value to its users.

Arbitrage Technologies® is rooted into mastering exchange connectivities and developed into providing simplified access to financial exchanges and its native data. We are present directly in the exchange without any intermediates or transformation of the native data therefore our trading data sets are clean, complete and accurate as it can be

In current markets the best technology is reserved to High Frequency Traders, the fallacy is that these selective groups are unbeatable. We developed new technologies and engineered solutions that will change the conversation. 

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AI, Machine Learning and Data are the future of financial decision making.

Our Vision

Financial Exchanges are transforming and are fully computerized, the next big step is AI and ML. Having access to full native data in all its richness becomes invaluable in professional trading and financial analysis. Machine Learning and AI will accelerate the need of mastering computers even more.

Our Mission

Arbitrage Technologies is committed to bring the best technology to connect and interconnect financial exchanges and their native data to market participants, particularly for the buy side. In addition we reduce the influence of High Frequency Traders.



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