The best data is the one you can arbitrage !

Our leading technologies simplify and improve trading access to Global Financial Exchanges and its raw native data, enabling fully dis- intermediated trading, no hub or server in the middle. This is trading at the truly best price in the market. The integrated dataplatform handles easily the ever-growing amounts of data directly from global financial exchanges such as CME and Nasdaq, supporting backtesting and selection of best parameters of your trading models.

Arbitrage Technologies® toolkits and APIs interpret the complex native data of Global Financial Exchanges to deliver it, instantly (ultra low latency / sub microseconds), in full compliance, and in its full richness in common software technologies such as Java, Python, C++ and Apple Swift ! In addition Global Exchange Software Releases are automatically generated. We removed all unnecessary elements that risk either a degradation of performance or a plain network hop causing unnecessary delay and customer risk.

We are in full compliance, licensed and certified directly by Global Financial Exchanges and hold the patent for interpreting automatically any Financial Exchange Data.

Arbitrage Technologies® is a full and unique solution focussed on delivering all data elements provided by financial exchanges, creating best trading signals and sharper execution opportunities.

Arbitrage Technologies® reduces friction and latency created by intermediates, delivering native data in common software, in truly real time.

Customer Benefits

Understand Trade Lifecycle

From early trading signal to order sending and execution, transparency in the trade lifecycle provides elements for analyses and strategy calibration. Optimize your order execution.

Profit from Volatility

Inspired from market making activities, Arbitrage Strategies allows to capture profit from mispricing or inefficiencies in the market that become opportunities. It also makes the market converge toward its true level.

Quick Algorithm Implementation

Surprisingly, the market micro structure requires more flexibility than one may think. Every strategy needs to be tweaked to find its ultimate effectiveness. Adaptability is key.

Richness of Native Data

Receive valuable information direct from the markets with all its data elements. Pick up the market signals to be in the front row. Data and its origin are the key to success !

Dilute Order Flow - Iceberg Trading

Imagine one can easily dilute even a big order flow by slicing in parts the intended volume in each and every subsequent order when trading signal is given. Being close to the market allows dilution of a bigger volume in smaller units.


Straight through processing with front, middle and back office integrated, there is no need to reenter data. Transparency is given through complete and comprehensive reporting and revision management.