Organize Data. Trade Securities.

Redesigning supply chains to bring consumer trading participants as close as possible to producers of securities found in Financial Exchanges. Introducing easy to use software toolkits capturing complex technologies. Providing access to Financial Exchanges without technical or trading intermediates or distortion of High Frequency Traders, while always keeping in mind core value elements: transparency, compliance and ultra low latency. Making better financial markets.

Arbitrage Platform is a full service electronic trading platform with low latency connections and robust Risk Management Systems.

Created in newly designed software technologies using Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) and Domain Specific Language (DSL). Arbitrage Platform provides customer driven solutions for transparent operations making better markets.

Customer Benefits

Control the Entire Lifecycle of the Trade

From early trading signal to order sending and execution transparency in the trade lifecycle provides elements for analyses and strategy calibration.

Add New Trading Strategies Profitable in Both Bullish and Bearish Markets

Inspired from market making activities, Arbitrage Strategies allows to capture profit from mispricing or inefficiencies in the market that become opportunities. It also makes the market converge toward its true level.

Quick time to Market and Algorithm Implementation

Surprisingly, the market micro structure requires more flexibility than one may think. Every strategy needs to be tweaked to find its ultimate effectiveness. Adaptability is key.

Offload Internal Systems

Adding new strategies with Arbitrage Technologies allows to offload main systems and free computer resources for additional strategic research. Automating simple strategies to rethink next strategies.

Possibility to Dilute Order Flow - Iceberg Trading

Imagine one can easily dilute even a big order flow by slicing in parts the intended volume in each and every subsequent order when trading signal is given. Being close to the market allows dilution of a bigger volume in smaller units.


Straight through processing with front, middle and back office integrated, there is no need to reenter data. Transparency is given through complete and comprehensive reporting and revision management.