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There is not a lot of communication or information on the type of technologies used in the industry.

Besides experience Arbitrage Technologies is getting inspiration from different sources such as books, articles, videos, white papers, social media and feedback of customer markets segments. Combining classic topics and newer information on technologies, markets, strategies and issues of society in general.

Sharing knowledge is one of our core values – the information on this page is inspirational and not complete. We aim to build up this page into a full library guiding new talent into financial technologies related to Financial Exchanges.

We already like to share with you some of them.

Press Release

Arbitrage Platform

Direct Financial Exchange Access Arbitrage Technologies – a startup based in San Francisco – takes the next step in electronic trading. Arbitrage Technologies develops a groundbreaking software solution providing Direct Financial Exchange Access for low latency trading, enabling underserved customer groups to directly compete with the fastest market parties.

Front Running The speed gap in existing technologies creates limitations for many market participants. Arbitrage Technologies brings underserved customer groups as close and as fast as possible to producers of securities found in Financial Exchanges. Creating fairer markets.



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