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Financial Exchanges are transforming, their development driven by ever-growing amounts of new data as each interaction creates new data. Having first access to this full native data in all its richness is invaluable in professional trading and financial analyses. In current markets many market participants still use older technologies or intermediated solutions. By equipping more market participants with innovative simplified technologies and easy to use APIs, Arbitrage Technologies’ purpose is to create better end-user markets with the right level of liquidity. Our unique technologies, deliver directly financial exchange data into the customer trading decision making system, gaining time, efficiency and transparency. 

We deliver solid customer focused solutions in full compliance and our new innovative technology, APIs and Trade Feeds are already certified by CME Group and its related exchanges.

Press Release

TradeTech is the new FinTech.

DeepTech in Finance

At Arbitrage Technologies we believe, Global Financial Exchanges should be accessible for all market participants, they are efficient and reliable for the end user. Finance and Technologies always worked together, DeepTech is the next stage of development.

Our Commitment

Arbitrage Technologies is committed to bring the best technology to connect and interconnect financial exchanges and their native data to market participants, particularly for the buy side.



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