The best price is the one you can arbitrage, making better markets.

Global Solutions

Arbitrage Technologies develops next generation trading systems to connect and interconnect Financial Exchanges on a global level. We created new technologies designed in Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) and Domain Specific Language (DSL) to bring customers to the ultimate position in the exchange. Arbitrage is in addition a necessary force in the financial marketplace, its purpose is to make the market efficient and to ensure prices do not deviate substantially from fair value for long periods of time.

Simplifying Trading Lifecycles

Arbitrage Technologies brings underserved customer groups as close and as fast as possible to producers of securities found in Financial Exchanges. Our customers are able to execute at best available price in the exchange, add new revenue streams while lowering trading costs. As in any other market more market participants will create more efficient and fairer markets. Our groundbreaking technologies are captured in easy to use software toolkits as not yet seen in the market place before.

When Technologies can Arbitrage it means you are well connected to the market. Use Arbitrage Technologies for trading to compete with the fastest market parties and as independent real time risk management solution to control operations and execution.

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