60 % of trades in the USA are done by High Frequency Traders, paying brokers for their order flows. Machine Learning can change the conversation.

Removing Information Frictions

We provide data toolkits to access best prices and receive direct trading signals for trading and to let machines learn. As in any other markets more direct market participants - with less intermediates - will make more efficient and fairer markets. When all active market participants have the possibility to give directly their opinion the visible markets prices should improve for both active and passive investors.

Creating Customer Opportunities

When everyone is at the same speed trading can be done without distortion of HFT. Arbitrage Technologies reduces latency by working on its two main forms: Network latency and System latency. Customers gain trading performance and more execution opportunities using our streamlined trading solutions and AI connectivities.

Our in-house designed software technologies capture the heartbeat of the exchange to deliver it in simple APIs and easy to use native data sheets. Our algorithms filter millions of price ticks to detect the best prices in the market, give customers immediate trading signal and let machines learn.

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