Make Transparent Financial Markets.

Current Market Structure

In todays market structure, only 53% of trading volume is executed on Global Financial Exchanges such as Nasdaq and NYSE (Source SEC). So where is the other 47% trading interest that is not displayed on these global markets ? 100% could trade on these exchanges by using our newly designed low latency trading technologies and data infrastructure.

New Business Model

With new proprietary and patented technologies, and a new carefully designed business model Arbitrage Technologies helps market participants in their endeavor of speeding up and having the same execution performance as electronic market makers. In addition we give easy access to native data. The best data is the one you can Arbitrage !

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Capital and Derivatives Markets change rapidly. Change is driven by ever-growing amounts of data combined with speed and remote access. Our patented software is designed to help customers interpret native exchange data and delivered in developers toolkits and APIs in truly real time. Toolkits are available in Python, Java, C++ and Apple Swift.

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