Arbitrage Technologies' SDKs simplify direct access to Global Financial Exchanges, making native data comprehensible and instantly tradable.

The market is changing

Global financial exchanges have witnessed significant growth in their data creation, and within this data lie valuable insights. However, the path to extracting these insights is complex and expensive. Arbitrage Technologies®️ introduces new software toolkits that enable access to market price data in its purest form, with zero added network latency and without any intermediaries or commercial parties involved. Our mission is to assist all market participants in navigating and accessing the ever-changing and rapidly growing amount of price data and delivering it in its purest form. Arbitrage Technologies®️ has obtained certifications from CME Group for MDP3 data handling and is an official software partner of CME Group.

New Software Technologies

Arbitrage Technologies' toolkits decode the complex native binary data of the exchange, seamlessly delivering it in commonly used software with zero added network latency. This new patented process ensures the delivery of the purest possible data, maintaining a 100% match to the original binary data of the exchange. As a result, it becomes highly suitable for AI and Machine Learning. The risk to customers caused by manual decoding is significantly reduced, as the new software tool is 100% automated and fully compliant with exchange specifications. Updates for new exchange releases are applied automatically. Users can enjoy substantial savings in development time and costs, with up to 90% cost savings.

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Capital and derivatives markets undergo rapid transformations fueled by the increasing volume of data, coupled with advancements in speed, remote access, and cloud computing. Arbitrage Technologies' software is certified by CME group, and its core technologies can be easily adapted to access all Global Financial Exchanges. The SDK connects directly in the colocation or in the new Google Cloud Platform. While order and trade SDKs are available, our primary focus is on data. After all, the best data is the one you can arbitrage!

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