If you had the exact same technologies as HFT - would you gain in Alpha ?

Operational Transparency

When all market participants have the same access to data of financial exchanges they can gain 150% more in trading opportunities, up to 30 BPS. Arbitrage Technologies brings true real time data and trading signals, without any delay or hub to position our users in the inner circle of the exchange. As in any other markets more direct market participants - with less intermediates - will make more efficient and fairer markets.

Full Solution - No Hub

Arbitrage Technologies provides trading software accessing - with ultra low latency - native financial exchange data to improve customers results and to let machines learn.
We provide easy to use toolkits delivering native financial exchange data in its full richness in common software technologies: Java, Python, Swift, etc. Customers gain trading performance and more execution opportunities using our streamlined trading technologies and AI connectivities.

Capital Markets change rapidly and 100% of Financial Exchanges are computerized. Those having access to native data have a clear advantage to improve their trading results and a new approach to improve Alpha. Our patented software technologies are designed to reduce drastically costs of connecting Financial Exchanges directly and enable efficient fully disintermediated trading, without any trading or technical hub.

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