Leading the TradeTech Movement.

Inspired and in continuous search of market needs and underserved customer groups we strive to build the best possible solutions for all market participants to access, connect and interconnect Global Financial Exchanges.

At the heart of our technologies lies knowledge of :

Defining the business issues
Modeling is the simplification of a problem
Architecture is the groundwork for the solution
Evaluate existing computer program language: strength - weakness - purpose
Select best and combine languages into DSM and DSL
Test In-House

Culture & Organization

Arbitrage Technologies® is a Deep Tech Startup specialized in Global Financial Exchange Technologies based in San Francisco. Capturing Native Exchange Data, creating Proprietary Data and building trading markets are part of our core competences. Arbitrage Technologies® helps building the foundations for modern finance.

Innovation & Leadership

With new carefully designed software and trading applications, Arbitrage Technologies® accesses Global Financial Exchanges enabling more market participants to have better access. Our comprehensive data and trading infrastructure brings value, fuels growth and prepares investors for the markets of tomorrow.

Connect With Seamless Communication Technologies.

The purpose of Arbitrage Technologies® is to bring together, as closely and directly as possible, users and producers of securities found in Financial Exchanges contributing to create fairer markets unleashing the pure intent and power of Arbitrage.

Our business discipline includes raising standards, fostering regulations and improving quality, clarity and market wide understanding of financial technologies.

Our new technologies includes powerful risk management, flexibility, ease of use, trading performance and identifies forces in the market.

This is just the beginning of true generalized financial trading !


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JC Bodson
Founder and CEO. Flow Traders - IPO, Arbitrade - Acquisition by KCG / Virtu.
Dorine Bodson
Founder and CMO. Market Research. Virgin - Esomar - Grand Opening Disney Europe.